Posse Grounds Park

Established back in 1990, this park was made possible by the hard work of local volunteers and service clubs.  Their donations of both time and money built this park from the ground up.  Athletic fields, picnic areas and of course the playground.  In 1994 the playground was expanded to give us what we have today. 

Over twenty years of happily playing children and brutal Arizona sun has taken its toll on our playground.  If we want the playground great again, community support is vital.  A beautiful new playground has been designed that will incorporate shade structures, safe and clean ground surfacing and fun and interactive new play equipment.

Because we want every child to be able to play together, this new playground will include ADA accessible surfacing, an ADA accessible ramping system, play panels accessible from the sidewalks, and the Cruiser which is designed for all ages and abilities to enjoy together.

Let’s make a new playground happen together!

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Proposed Playground Designs

Playground Fly-Through Video